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Recording settings

Post by MrWalrus » Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:54 pm

Since we are going to be splicing up the checkpoints our selves then keel is gonna add it all together the quality we are recording with needs to be quite high. (Rendering multiple times takes a toll on quality)

If you have an nVidia card you can get shadowplay which in included in the Geforce experience software.
Just do custom quality then 1080p 60fps and 50k bitrate
If you have problems with that just go to 30k bitrate and 720p and see if that works.

If you don't have an nvidia card you can use OBS with these kind of settings:
Encoder x264, Use CBR and padding
Max bitrate at 12000 (Or 7000 for 720p)

Audios not that big deal but id recommend AAC at 192 bitrate. (48khz)

Under video
set the base resolution to 1080p then if you end up being not able to record with that use the Resolution Downscaling to get it to 720p and select the Lanczos Filter.
FPS at 60.

Under Advanced make sure you got:
Multi Threaded Optimizations on,
CPU Preset at veryfast,
Encoding Profile on High,
Keyframe Interval 0
and use CFR.

Tell me if I did something weird here or if you have some additional info that you need.
Other than that just see if you are able to pull off 1080p60 or only 720p60 then vote in the poll:

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