Rendering World 2.0 - v1.5 with an Easter Egg

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Rendering World 2.0 - v1.5 with an Easter Egg

Post by keku645 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:49 am

Story: Faith has to talk with Jacknife but some things start going wrong because she discovers something she never had to.

This map contains:

- 5 Hidden bags
- A Jacknife Chase
- Very detailed map
- Level streaming for less lag
- Very good illumination
- Some secret scenes and dialogs
- Rain

Enjoy the map! =D


- Fixed mall's entry animation. (The player cant jump after the animation)

- Fixed Sounds.

- Added ME Glyph Decal


- Fixed elevator bugs

- The music now not overlaps

- Fixed Shaft elevators


- Added an Easter Egg!

- Fixed Minor Bugs

Some Pics:




Download link:!qIV3FbQB!Ki9Zds9Yp ... WZAZOd3xeI

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