Discussion on Bl: Everything wrong with his Chapter 5 WR

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Discussion on Bl: Everything wrong with his Chapter 5 WR

Post by Keelshing » Sat May 23, 2015 5:10 pm

So recently Bl__ has been doing a crazy job of beating the hardest WR's there are (Prologue twice, Chapter 5). Initially there was a bit of scepticism around the legitimacy of his Prologue WR's, but when the second run came out with audio a lot of people seemed to believe it was legit. And then a Chapter 5 WR was uploaded a few days later, beating the current WR by 5 seconds on literally THE hardest chapter to speedrun in the game.

We have compiled a bunch of evidence which we believe proves the illegitimacy of Bl's chapter 5 run:

1. Bl's reaction time comes back way too early, and right when he gets reaction time there is a noticeable audio cut. See/Hear for yourself at 0:24 in the video. This is extremely different to Isyfly's Chapter 5 WR, where reaction time comes back just before the elevator, compared to Bl's still in the alleyway. This is potentially the biggest piece of evidence to disprove his run.
2. HUGE visual video cut at 4:40 as well as some dodgy sound as he crouches down to smash the glass.
3. Police car sound at 1:38 in the video. There is no police car sound and suddenly there is. This is a typical audio splice.
4. The timer jumps at 2:50 in the video. As he kicks open the door there is a noticeable jump in the timer, and when looking at it frame by frame we can actually see this: http://i.imgur.com/sQ1YnTv.png - pretty obvious splice there. (as well as this too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHdHgtAqDB4)
5. Another audio cut at 4:08 as he climbs onto the boxes.
6. Audio cut at 4:51 (sidestep off the box).
7. Radio news broadcaster voice in the vent at 3:38 stops when he drops down, there should have been more dialogue.

Okay, so there is a tonne of more stuff in this single chapter 5 video that we as a community have found. However I'm not going to put it all in because I think the 7 points above give enough evidence to show the run is spliced.
Because of this, if the rest of the community agrees with me, I'm voting to have Bl's runs invalidated. This means that the current prologue WR will go back to Isyfly's 1:27, and the Chapter 5 WR will go back to Isyfly's 3:52.
Please post your thoughts below. If any of you have a real reason to believe that Bl's runs are legit, say so there and we'll have a discussion about it. However I really do think this is enough to prove that he's spliced.
Cheers m8 lads

Quick update: All three videos have been taken down, so this thread is no longer really necessary. I'm going to keep it all here and not delete it as a reminder to everyone: don't think about splicing chapter runs. Because we have some professional splicers in this community (Req) who know a filthy dirty splice when they see one. Now that this is all done I think we should just move on and forget that it happened.
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Re: Discussion on Bl: Everything wrong with his Chapter 5 WR

Post by ThaRixer » Sat May 23, 2015 5:28 pm

I do find it a bit strange that Bl's any% time, which is a month and a half old by now, is around 9 minutes off the WR. You would think your Any% PB would be a bit better before going for Chapter run records.

Also like to point out that i'm 14th and Bl is 33rd in any% and i can't even do 90% the things he does in his run.

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Re: Discussion on Bl: Everything wrong with his Chapter 5 WR

Post by qqzzy » Sat May 23, 2015 6:06 pm

Okay, I have also reviewed his prologue run and in my mind, it is also definitely invalidated.
1) @20sec Merc talks about how faith is "taking her sweet old time" when he always says that she's making good time if you are below a certain timer value
2) @41sec, if you listen to the guards (specifically the one who shouts first) he always says "hey! drop the bag..." however the audio is cut off half way through the hey and you don't hear the full thing, just the end of the word as if it has been spliced (This is the most compelling reason for me)

Ban him, he's a cheater for certain.
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Re: Discussion on Bl: Everything wrong with his Chapter 5 WR

Post by Requiem » Sat May 23, 2015 6:28 pm

Please post this on the forum
[3:15:24 AM] Bl__: As I cant make an account
[3:15:25 AM | Edited 3:17:39 AM] Bl__: I’d like to point out, the run wasn’t done as you might think. I didn’t restart the chapter everytime, wait for the timer to be the right time then do the segment. I recorded the timer against a background that would be easy to use a color key as to take out the background, in this case I used the orange of chp 4 walls. Then I recorded the first segment (the chain) with the real timer. For the rest of the segments I went into chapter select and got the segment, then put my fake timer on top if it.
To address your points:
1. I still cant notice the audio cut but yea the reaction time is a thing
2. You’re right there
3. Again correct
4. I didn’t actually splice the video there, no idea why my fake timer did that
5. The split there was actually as im falling, not sure why the audio did that
6. I got really lazy there and didn’t bother to fix the audio
7. Correct
Im still a bit surprised you guys havnt found the splits of my prologue run :P The easiest one to spot is after first red door, and at the last KG. My any% time isn’t spliced though, I just have bad movement. Ill attach an image of after effects for anyone who wants to see what I did. Oh yes and photoshop was used for the race stats at the end.
This was done in 32 segments which is actually pretty bad. And also to make the timer flash in elevators, I just changed the opacity a bunch of times with a freeze frame of what the timer should be. My legit prologue run pb is the 1:28 time I got a while back. I don’t expect anyone to forgive me for this. Just remember how excited you were when you saw the 1:22 prologue, as that run was actually pretty good editing compared to this chp 5 run. This one was just sloppy.
I apologize for all of this. I really have been playing mirrors edge for 3 years now, I guess I just got annoyed that in all that time I havnt really done anything notable.
Note: Just saw qqzzy’s comment on the forum, correct. Although im not sure about point 1, I flew over there with a trainer to get merc’s audio so I should have gotten “making good time”

Ill remove the videos from my youtube.


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Re: Discussion on Bl: Everything wrong with his Chapter 5 WR

Post by Keelshing » Sat May 23, 2015 6:43 pm

Edited the main post now, going to leave it up though.

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