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Mirror's Edge Leaderboard Submission

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:24 pm
by nulaft
If you want your Mirror's Edge run to be on the Leaderboards, please provide the following information below:

- Category (Any%, glitchless, ...) + Difficulty!
- Desired username (you are also allowed to submit runs for other runners)
- If you aren't on the leaderboard already, please provide a link that your username should lead to (for example your twitch or youtube account)
- RTA and without loads time, timed using Livesplit and the MENL (Mirror's Edge No Loads) Plugin (otherwise refer to this guide to cut out loading times manually and provide a link to a pastebin on how you timed it)
- Link to a recording of the run

I will add your run as fast as I can and delete your post afterwards. Happy running :)