Segments: Sign up starting on Google Docs

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Segments: Sign up starting on Google Docs

Post by Keelshing » Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:03 pm

Alright ladies and lads, we've got our recording settings sorted out so now it's time to open up segments.

I've made a Google Doc (well, I copied and changed Zooks from a while back) which ANYONE is allowed to edit. This is so that people can go on to it and put their names down in the "Runner(s)" column next to each segment. Me and Req have started it off with a couple, so the rest of you can go to town. On the Doc (sheet 2), you will find the start and end point of every segment.

Because it's a public google Doc and I don't want some troll to come along and delete everything, I won't be putting the link on this forum. I will post it in Discord and you guys can access it through there. If you're not on Discord but want to put your name down for a segment, please contact me directly and I'll send you the link.

PLEASE NOTE: If someone has already put their name down for a segment that you want to do, at this point it DOESN'T MATTER - put your name down beneath them as well. You can either discuss it between yourselves and agree on who should do the segment, or have a competition between the two of you to see who can get the best time for that segment.

As a final note, I'll say what the current plan for segments is and if anyone has a better idea then I'm all ears:
There will be several "phases" to segment grinding
Phase 1: The first will probably be the longest, and go on for well over a month. This is the phase which will essentially begin from now. People can go on to the Google Doc, put their name down for a segment, and then start grinding it (please ensure correct recording settings, music/dialogue off etc). They will have to edit that segment together themselves and then upload it to YouTube (unlisted), as well as putting the file on DropBox so that I can download it.
Phase 2: Naturally, there will be a loooot of segments that are still unfinished, and some which wont have even been started yet. At this point we will discuss amongst ourselves who wants to try for what. This will probably be the most painful phase, as it is likely that the incredibly annoying kickglitch chains will be left over. Motivation will be low and people probably won't want to grind segments, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
Phase 3: Cleanup phase. Any segments that are sub-par or simply outdated need to be redone in this phase. Any segments with dodgy cuts need to be cleaned up, etc, etc, etc.
Phase 4: Release (Would love it if this were released before Catalyst, whether that actually happens or not is essentially down to the community as a whole. The faster we get segments done, the faster this thing gets out).

So that's the whole plan. It was originally meant to be done in chronological order but that's going to be far too annoying I think, and there are some incredibly annoying segments which will take days, if not weeks, to complete. If anyone has any different ideas be sure to let me know.

Without further ado, begone and get grinding!

- The Shang

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